Division 2 best rifle mods

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. Mods in The Division 2 are important upgrades you can make to your weapons. These include things like scopes, sights, grips, and barrel attachments that increase certain weapons stats.

Under the Perks tab, you can unlock four magazines, four barrels, two sights, and two grips. Each of these is limited to a certain type of weapon, like pistols or weapons that use 5. Some of these mods will require you to craft them. All mods have benefits and drawbacks. For instance, some might give you increased accuracy in exchange for stability, or increased headshot damage at the cost of reload speed.

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The Division 2 guide: Weapon mods New, 1 comment. Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. Loading comments The Latest. Animal Crossing fans are building great diving spots for the summer update By Patricia Hernandez. Share this story Twitter Facebook.Taking into account the different categories, ARs provide some of the best RPMs while dealing considerable damage. They are great for either primary or secondary usage, pleasing the Sniper player or the bombardment of the AR specialist.

This gives players, who have a specific gaming preference to be accommodated either way. High-End variants of this weapon will drop after defeating enemies or looting.

This assault rifle is iconic on its own. The Tactical Mk16 assists any player, whether primary or secondary. While it works best when enemies are closer, shooting from long range will not be a problem for it as well. This variant of the AK-M is the Black Market variant and while it has a low rate of fire and poor accuracy, it makes up for it by dealing with immense damage per second.

While it carries low damage, this weapon is an expert in itself when it comes to accuracy and stability. Its real-life counterpart has an RPM of It was added with an update, and can be found when dropped after completing the Manning National Zoo playthrough. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards.

The Division 2 Warlords of New York Gear 2.0 Guide

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BY: Kasey B. More on this topic: Tom Clancy's The Division 2. Emerging from the vault, unscathed from the frostbitten land of the Midwest. She has made it her mission, with the power of her exhilarating mind, to reach the masses about the games she loves.GameWith uses cookies and IP addresses. By using our site you agree to our privacy policy. Check out this Tom Clancy's The Division 2 guide and list on all available weapon mod and attachment types in the game.

10 Advanced Tips for The Division 2 You NEED To Know

Including stats, effects, compatible weapons and more. C Ubisoft Entertainment. All Rights Reserved.

The Division 2 Weapon Guide And Gun Tier List

Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Please be advised that we may not reply to every individual feedbacks. By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Terms of Use. Where are both 5. This list doesn't include all of the mods. It is merely the ones gained through perks and side missions.

There are a lot more that are gathered randomly in WT4 from farming level 3 control points. I have yet to find a comprehensive list of every mod. Tweet Share. Muzzle Attributes Compatible Weapon Compensator 5. Have some feedback? Click here Your feedbacks will be checked by our staffs and will be attended to accordingly. Reader Comments. Alias Optional Max. Will this be edited?

Missing weapons and Mods. Are you joking? This is maybe half of all mods :D.

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Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Forgot your password? Get help. Teamfight Tactics Best Mystic Build. Teamfight Tactics Best Celestial Build. All Build Guides Builds League. Best Path of Exile Delirium 3. The Division 2. March 14, Build Guides. Read more. Lists And Locations. There are currently around 70 different gun types in The Division 2.

division 2 best rifle mods

Picking the best and most powerful weapon in The Division 2 is going to be crucial if you plan on taking on all the content in The Division 2, as well as doing PvP and actually winning fights. The Division 2 Best Guns, Tier List And Weapon Guide will explain all of the currently available guns in the game as well as their damage, dps and which are the most powerful guns out of the seven different weapon categories.

The Division 2 Submachine guns feature round base magazines, fast reload times, solid base damage and they are full auto fire mode only.

They have magazines that can store from 45 up to rounds, high recoil and long reload times. The Double Barrel Shotgun is currently the best and most overpowered shotgun in the game, dealing a total of damage, which converts to K DPS— two and a half times more than the Super In addition to the increases to damage from Specializations, Shotguns are extremely powerful.

If you know how to aim and you can reliably headshot your enemies, Marksman Rifles are perfect for you. The Diceros is currently the best and most powerful sidearm weapon out of all the other ones that have been tested. Diceros is overall a very solid gun that will serve any close to mid ranged combat.

The Division 2 Best Guns, Weapon Stats, and Weapon Tier List

Sidearms in the current meta are really strong and ones such as the Diceros can easily be used as a primary weapon. Tags guide the division 2 tips tricks tutorial.

The Green Farming Strategies. Attachments in The Division 2 are crucial aspects of the game and player builds because they can boost the stats of your In this Division 2 guide you will learn how and where to unlock The Division 2 Osprey 9 secret suppressor attachment for New Player.

The Division 2 has a whole lot of content and you might have missed a very little but important aspect of the In this Division 2 guide we'll be showcasing the Lifesteal Sub-machine gun build that seems to currently annihilate all content in the GamerDiscovery is your news, entertainment and gaming guides website.

We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the gaming industry. Contact us: contact gamerdiscovery.This is a quick guide to discuss the best mods for assault rifles in the division 2. This show the dps tests, and gives insight on the best mods in the division 2. Check out Focus Energy Drinks!

It's intresting watching new division players suggest builds basically higher rpm builds you want higher crit. Stability is really weird. I thought losing too much of it will result the gun is unable to control, but after the first couple of bullets, the stability is unchanged. Wish they change it in the next update. I like how there is positive and negative traits to the mods, but I wish we could choose what mod we want without being locked into a certain two positive and negative traits.

I love the micro T1 sight, it looks good on everything but the traits that come with it really make some guns awful.

division 2 best rifle mods

You can def get it higher good sir, love the content and thank you. Im up around k consistently with no perks active. Sniper specialization that you were running before, and Ive got about 70 percent damage to elites its melt city lol. A lot of use on console cant control and gun with that low of stability so having stability isnt ridiculous. In Tier 4 I feel that a lot of slower firing guns just doesn't do the job with all the rushing target.

That rpm is so slow. Of course compared to an LMG you are going to hit most of your shots. If feel both of does gun really need Allegro to equlize the hit on RPM. Losing that much stability on console, not so much. Having only played Division 2 on console, I tried laser mod with the 5.

I now have a rifle that shreds close up, but anything over 50 metres, forgetabout it lol. Anyone know if the laser pointer is random from t3 control points too? I've done all the side missions and the 5 hidden ones, but don't have it. This show the dps tests, and gives insight on the best mods in the division 2 Check out Focus Energy Drinks! Like this: Like Loading Prev Post. Next Post.

How do you get the EXPS3 holo sight?

The Division 2 guide: Weapon mods

It's intresting watching new division players suggest builds basically higher rpm builds you want higher crit Loading Only bodyshots. Thank you Loading For pve maybe for pvp noooooo Loading That's not an AR in the photo….

That's a scar. Great video.Veteran agents of The Division should find themselves in largely familiar territory for the sequel, as it keeps faith very closely with the original, exploration-heavy, shared-world loot and shoot adventure that initially drew players into its dreary post-apocalyptic backdrop. While this is demonstrated pretty well across the entire board, nowhere is this more evident than in terms of weapon selection and gunplay, and mowing down hostiles with them has never felt more impactful and rewarding.

The improvements made to the gunplay and handling definitely feel awesome when you've got a great weapon to experience them with, but setting out with one that isn't quite up to par can produce the exact opposite effect. So to help make sure you're getting the most out of your romp through the ruins of Washington D.

C, we've put together a list of the best and worst weapons to take with you. We're working with just the raw, normalized weapon statistics here, so remember that you can definitely change your mileage depending on your build, modifications, weapon talents, and whether or not you're playing in PVP.

Anyway, let's get started. Sometimes you just want a shotgun that does exactly what a shotgun is supposed to do. It feels natural, it is effective, and it's really difficult to use incorrectly.

If you like shotguns, then you need to give this one a try. Boasting high RPM and one of the higher DPS ratings among shotguns, it may lack the solid, per-shot stopping power of quite a few of its brethren, but it kicks out shells fast enough to end up a lot more useful than most of them.

Just mind the lengthy reload times. This makes it a pretty common choice, especially for PVP outings. While it stays pretty accurate in most circumstances, the damage drop-off for this particular assault rifle keeps it relegated to a bit inside of mid-range fighting.

division 2 best rifle mods

But this makes it perfect for the frenetic, run-and-gun gameplay where most players will end up finding their comfort zone while still retaining enough punch to lend a little extra reach to that style. Sometimes, the low tech, straightforward solutions tend to get overlooked for the shinier, more modernized aesthetics of other options. That can be a pretty grave mistake, especially when it comes to picking out your favorite shotgun.

The accuracy is abysmal, and you're going to find yourself reloading more often than you find yourself doing anything else. But these drawbacks pay off in absolutely tremendous amounts of stopping power, and they're well worth the trade-off once you're comfortable with the play style that this unassuming and humble classic shotgun requires of you. Sure, it's definitely a classic. But unfortunately, it doesn't really hold up to the plethora of other, better assault rifle choices that you could make here.

First, it's a burst fire weapon, and for some reason, they never seem to go over well when it comes to The Division. The recoil is a bit strong, especially for a burst fire weapon, so it can be difficult to get the entire cycle to land on target. This can be compensated fairly well if you stack on the stability, but at that point, you need to confront the relatively poor DPS rating. All in all, it isn't worth the investment with so many better options available.

The M44 has been getting a lot of attention from fans of marksman rifles, and it's not entirely unfounded. While the powerful M outperforms it in most areas, the M44 really can dish out the pain too. It reloads considerably faster than the M, allowing you to put out more rounds a little faster. Depending on your play style, this subtle advantage can mean the difference between landing shots and missing them depending on the finer points of your own personal style of play.

Sniper rifles entail an entirely different style of play than practically every other weapon class in the game, and whether or not it's a rewarding style of play is an entirely subjective consideration. What isn't subjective, though, is the fact that the M can be an absolute monster when put to use by the right hands.

It boasts some of the highest possible damage per shot ratings. Sure, it's arguably surpassed by some shotguns depending on your point of view, but this is the route you want to explore if you're tired of getting into your target's face to kick out crippling amounts of damage. The Mk17 has, hands down, the best numbers for both burst DPS and longer term engagements in its class.

Long story short, if you like using semi-automatic rifles, then this is the one you want to be running with. No question. There are a precious few weapons that can outpace it in terms of raw damage, but simply do not offer the same utility with mid-to-long range firefights that this bad boy excels at providing.As you stalk the streets of Washington D.

Our The Division 2 weapons guide will walk you through how to get your choice of weaponry right first time, by walking you through the stats and behaviours of every single weapon you can find through every class tier level, from the common and worn all the way up to legendary Exotics like the Ruthless Rifle and the Lullaby Shotgun.

Feel free to use any of the links below to skip ahead to a section of your choosing. A higher level of the same weapon i. Level 2 vs Level 1 increases the base damage of the weapon and also gives its class-based trait a boost more on this later.

Take a look at the table below for the full details of what each tier will offer you. The stats for each gun in The Division 2 can be a bit confusing and overwhelming at first glance, but things will become clear after a little time with the game.

The Division 2 is a loot shooter, meaning you can loot better varieties of weapons as time goes on and you progress through the game. As mentioned previously, the same weapon at different levels will have different damage values. In fact, just like in The Division 1, Accuracy and Stability mean different albeit related things.

Accuracy, on the other hand, affects the size of your reticule and therefore the spread and literal accuracy of your shots. This tells you exactly where your shot went. Damage Dropoff is a very important state well, set of stats, really to pay attention to with each weapon.

Each class of gun Assault Rifle, Marksman Rifle, etc. The rarest weapons it is possible to find in The Division 2 are so-called Exotic weapons.

This top tier of weaponry distinguishes itself from the rest in multiple ways:. These Exotic weapons are designed to reflect your current level, and can be upgraded over time, so with due diligence regarding maintenance you can take an Exotic weapon with you from the start of your journey all the way into Endgame territory.

Take a look through the table below for information on all the Exotic weapons we currently know of in The Division 2. Assault Rifles are your bread-and-butter in The Division 2, and the class of gun which is supplied to you when you first start out with a new character.

The class-specific trait for all Assault Rifles is a bonus to Health damage. Marksman Rifles, or Sniper Rifles, are slow-firing but pack one hell of a punch. Ideally to be used at long range, these sharpshooters have a very high base damage per shot comparable to that of shotguns, and to compensate for this they have high recoil, are slow to fire and to reload, and have generally very low mag sizes.

The class-specific trait for all Marksman Rifles is a bonus to headshot damage. Rifles usually have a higher rate of fire than their Marksman cousins, as well as a greater mag size and a smoother ride in general, though they predictably lack the flat damage potential per shot of the Marksman Rifles.

These Rifles are generally very versatile in terms of their effective range, able to be used at both long and close range without too much difficulty. The class-specific trait for all Rifles is a bonus to Critical Hit damage. Submachine Guns, or SMGs, are lightweight and very nimble options for close- to mid-range combat.


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